6:13 a.m. July 22, 2013

A scribble

British PM David Cameron is today publishing legislation intended to filter the internet. Predictably the internet is up on it's hind legs defending wankers' rights today. Which is fine, there's no question that censorship and government-mandated lists of porn users are a bad thing, but the people most outraged by this infringing of "digital rights" have no concept of individual rights and spend much of their time denouncing them as "neo-liberal". Having ceded rights discourse, real rights not imaginary ones like group rights or "the right to a smoke-free environment", to the political right, they now can't muster a serious argument for being left alone. Does anyone remember when "won't somebody think of the children?" was a mantra of the right in the 80s and 90s? As it's been a liberal and left thing for nigh on two decades, they now can't turn around and demand a world fit for adults. I go on about this stuff all the time (and have no intention of writing another word about it in NSFW given I'd just be repeating myself), but this is beyond a joke now.