12:40 p.m. July 19, 2013

A scribble

Thought I'd post my photo essay of yesterday's avant-garde anti-police brutality/Trayvon protest jog in LA. I thought it was very effective, more effective than any other protest I've witness in my four years in LA.

The protest was against brutal, racist police tactics to non-violent protests, and it made it's point very clearly: not to TV cameras or even onlookers, but to cops themselves.

It brought out a hundred+ LAPD officers, a heli, a squad of motorcycle cops, a cop golf cart, a mobile command center, CHP cruisers and even federal agents of some kind guarding nearby federal building—all for a dozen joggers. The funny thing is that the joggers disappeared about 30 minutes into the protest, leaving the cops to wander in packs around Westwood Village near UCLA as onlookers and college kids shook their heads and mocked their paranoia. Police were sure it was all a ruse...that a race riot was going to erupt any moment. And cops were on the scene four hours later, while the joggers were getting drunk and having a laugh. The cops got punked.

The protest was officially called "Smash White Supremacy Fun Run"... Media reported it as "Smash White Supremacy 'Fun Fun'"... I guess they thought the violence was real, but the fun was in still in dispute.

Here is is: