9:34 a.m. July 17, 2013

A scribble

I'll be on Russia Today shortly after 6PM Irish time, talking about the Belfast riots. I have selected a paisley tie for the occasion. This is how my mind works.

Back channel chatter

  1. Will it be orange?

  2. Can you hide a tiny Edward Snowden figurine peeping out of the top of the knot?

  3. I wish I'd thought of that. I rarely watch RT but, unsurprisingly, they were going heavy on Snowden, hammering the US.

  4. Send link. Yeah, RT is pro-Snowden, and at the same time saying "rule of law worked in Trayvon verdict"....

  5. Link to RT thing? Will when they send me a copy. Usually takes 24 hours.

    In the meantime, randomly came across this nonsense.

  6. The guy teaches journalism. In China.

  7. One of the ironies of history is that "Paisley," for most American hippies innocent of history, meant psychedelic designs that were cool to trip to. Not at all what they meant in the home of textiles and Predestination: "The rope was Belfast linen," as Michael Bloat says.