8:53 a.m. July 12, 2013

A scribble

After reading the link David posted I keep thinking of that very strong, unacknowledged symbiosis between the academic left and the populist right in the US. They're like secret lovers. Has anyone ever written on this?

Back channel chatter

  1. I need to know more about this

  2. I tried to write about the way Reagan took power in California, then in Washington, based on his promise to punish Berkeley http://exiledonline.com/reagan%E2%80%99s-cheshire-snarl/ but in that essay I didn't cover the way Berkeley reacted to those threats: Not with anger or an attempt to organize potential allies, still less by attempting to speak to the culture and suggest that gutting the academy was a bad idea. Berkeley's reaction was scary, in ways I can't cover here. For one thing, like most extirpation campaigns, this one was negotiated with the help of high-ranking members of the group marked for extinction, in this case ladder faculty. I knew them, and they knew very well that the system was being destroyed, but also that it would (a) last their lifetimes; and (b) reinforce the deep contempt they had for the larger culture--so deep they preferred extinction to negotiation, especially because the lower ranks, the subalterns if I must, would die much sooner.

  3. Yeah, I really need to read this too.

    This struck me going through school at ASU. Academics are ostensibly the most leftist subculture in the US, but many were campaigning for an end to the book rental system, encouraging tuition hikes, and treating adjuncts like crud.