2 p.m. July 10, 2013

A scribble

Feedback re oligarch farmers gaming tax subsidies:

From: bob Date: Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 2:47 AM Subject: For Yasha, deer "herds"

Have you ever seen venison on a menu at a restaurant? The meat came from an estate.

It's just another tax break.

You can't "sell" deer unless you "farmed" them. Every state I know of expressly forbids the sale of wild game in order to stop disease.

You can only sell, or donate meat that has been penned. If they "sold it" they would have to pay tax on it. They prefer to donate it.

The local oligarch has herds of wild boar, among other things. He lets the pols who come visit shoot at them in their large, fenced in pens.

After they are dead, they are "donated" for a very good tax credit/break to the "local food bank". What's the going rate per pound for "wild boar"? It's high, and it's not wild, as explained above.

The food bank, rather than cook and eat the meat, takes a very sensible approach. They sell it, if they can, and take the money to buy much more food.

I've been searching for any foodbank anywhere that serves "wild game". I can't find any evidence that it has ever happened. They sell it. They are just a cut out for the oligarchs.


A few years ago he also tried to get it exempt from taxes by calling it an "educational institution". He's a leader in the field of tax dodging. Look for more of that.