2:37 p.m. July 8, 2013

A scribble

For the North Carolina Bureau: My ol' tovarisch Lee Fang has a nice bullet-point rundown of a bunch of lavish Big Business-funded par-tays for Raleigh lawmakers to celebrate and reward the shitbagfull of 19th C. legislation they're pushing through. NC used to be a hotbed of southern populism; now, Jesse Helms would probably be a liberal there.

Back channel chatter

  1. Related: guess where I'm headed now!

  2. An American Petroleum Institute party in Raleigh? Bring your lampshade, Leigh

  3. I saw that earlier today, it's a good piece.

    Asheville itself may soon have the state's only abortion clinic, one that was already bombed in 1999, if the new restrictions become law. A local GOP account promptly highlighted the location as an "African-American slaughterhouse."

    I don't know if the nature of the state has changed (demographically it's actually less favorable to conservatives than it used to be), than a collision of redistricting, a bad economy, and a big mess on the Dem side have given a lot of power to very aggressive Republicans (while the GOP here has loudly shifted much farther to the right). It will be interesting to see how far the current backlash/protests in Raleigh go, and if they have any populist staying power.