10:12 a.m. July 6, 2013

A scribble

Snowden the Sandinista? This keeps getting better. He really should have invested in Sea Steading so he could remain ideologically pure.

Back channel chatter

  1. Interesting here the absolutely incoherent idea of sovereignty. On the one hand the Wikileaks types have straight up attacked some pretty basic parts of the whole Westphalian nation-state mess (e.g. secret diplomatic communications), on the other, they're outraged over violations (countries spy on their allies!) of an incredibly traditionalist definition of sovereignty.

  2. One of the reasons I can't stand leftists anymore is the undermining of sovereignty in the name of human rights. The always ends in bombing raids. Some human right that is. It was the liberal (not far) left who cheer-led the destruction of sovereignty in the 1990s (Yugoslavia) and then acted surprised when their own arguments were (among those) used to invade Iraq. The far left isn't innocent either, though, as it sees sovereignty as a form of autonomy and, therefore, as highly suspect. I have no particular plans to write about this for NFSW Corp again, but it's incredibly frustrating just how ignorant soi-disant leftists are. I keep getting called a conservative of libertarian for saying things the left said for over a hundered years and only actually abandoned in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. The latest generation of leftists (read as: discommoded millennials huffing at capitalism not providing jobs in the creative industries) are the worst of the lot. They have absolutely no sense of history and have just read too much bollocks like Zizek, Deluze and Guattari and Judith Butler. No interest in raising living standards at all and completely cut-off from the aspirations of the working class.

    My new slogan: beneath the beach, the paving stones!

  3. Honestly, I don't think any political affiliation has a particularly coherent idea of how sovereignty should work in the 21st century. It's just the Wikileaks types seem to be particularly ardent about their incoherence.

    As a side note, I have to disagree a bit about "the latest generation of leftists," because I think the impact of that generational political cohort is still largely undetermined.

    I'm a longtime critic of leftist protest culture because it actively mythologizes disorganized failure, so when covering protests over the last few years, especially Occupy, I was surprised to see a good number of millenials asking (and getting serious shit for) incredibly obvious questions about tactics and a lack of connection to everyday concerns. Many left that particular mess in disgust, and those who've stayed involved in politics seem to regard Occupy mostly as an example of what they don't want to do.

    Of course, these were largely actual working class millenials, who worry if they can afford groceries next week and are a lot less likely to get columns or book deals. I don't know how their influence will play out, but their voices ended up excluded from the myth-making that happened in the aftermath.

  4. More on sovereignty at another time.

    See, I think things are different on this side of the Atlantic pit. You can pretty much guarantee than anyone who calls themselves left wing here is middle class, university educated and probably artsy. We still have the husk structures of various Marxist and anarchoid groups, but they are a million miles away from anything that used to be called left wing. The use (a perverted form of) the lingo, but their critique of capitalism is reactionary and romantic. They remind me of C19 artistos or Bloomsbury Group typed aghast at the horrors of roads, "ribbon development" and tinned food.

  5. That's a good point, Jason. Though we have some of the same types over here, the husk structures are more decayed and the landscape's different in some important ways. An example: a good portion of those working class millenials I mentioned were Iraq and Afghanistan vets.

  6. I worry I'm going to end-up advocating national service to "toughen up" da youth. I think I'm arguing with my younger self.