9:13 p.m. July 2, 2013

A scribble

Room of the Jackal! I'm in my featureless hotel room in Mexico City, laying out the lethal tools of the trade like Luca Brazzi: Two large bottles of Coke Zero and a bag of "Japones Tostado Clasico" peanuts from the Oxxo shop on the corner. I'm so deep in tradecraft the hotel didn't even have a reservation for me.

Back channel chatter

  1. Not to distract you, but would you guess that what's happening in Egypt is somewhat similar to Turkey (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood = Tea Party hicks, overthrown by the city folks and the military elites)?

  2. Well, just got back from Chapultepec--wings tired, etc.--but it seems more like the city slickers got used this time. It's the military all the way at the moment, piggybacking that urban outrage, though the outrage in Egypt seems more complicated than in Turkey. Turkey is easy to break down; Egypt isn't. I tried doing the simple demographic breakdown on voting in Egypt but it's surprisingly hard to do. A lot of urban types voted MB, a lot of hicks voted against them.

  3. My Egypt expertise extends only to the buffets at Dreams Beach, or as most residents call it "Drimz Bitch" in Sharm. But as I said, I did try the simple models and it's odd how badly they work. Income, region, urban/rural--none of that really fits the vote results in Egypt. One complication is that for reasons I'll never understand, a lot of secular voters boycotted, skewing things even further. I don't know what you'd call that. "The Suicide Demographic," maybe.