11:51 a.m. July 2, 2013

A scribble

Well whaddaya know! Canada Day plot in Victoria (B.C.) "inspired by al Qaeda ideology" http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/rcmp-set-announce-details-terror-arrests-british-columbia-154632185.html

Back channel chatter

  1. Congratulations! Who are those hosers? What does it mean that they were AQ inspired? Are they jihadis?

  2. Their names are Amanda Marie Korody, 30, and John Stewart Nuttall, 39, from Surrey and apparently they were "self-radicalized" and their activity had "no international links" so I'm not quite sure what AQ inspired means. Our two would-be bombers had a crafty plan was to put pressure-cooker bombs at the B.C. legislature in Victoria.

    BC Premier Christy Clark orated: "We will not let suspicion darken our hearts. Instead we will remain open-hearted, depending on one another, trusting each other. And we will not be seized by anger. Instead, we will continue to look toward the future of this great province with open hearts and with optimism."

    (Surrey was another of our former residences, by the way! It's full of the rude white underclass on bicycles).