7:10 p.m. June 27, 2013

A scribble

At long last! What was once notoriously difficult, collecting semen from parrots just got easier.

(A team of German biologists describe the new technique in Tuesday's publication of Scientific Reports; above link directs you to a nice review of the piece. With pictures.)

Back channel chatter

  1. Had to share this with you :

    "These people discovered that male kakapo have a tendency to engage people's heads in a sexual mating fashion. So in an effort to collect Kakapo sperm for the breeding programme, some wiseguy invented 'The Ejaculation Helmet'. I kid you not, that's what it is called. I pity the fool that whore it."


    1. "pity the fool who whore it" (intentional or just ridiculous?)

    That said, I'd totally let some weird endangered species hump my stupid helmet in the name of science. No questions asked.