7:14 p.m. November 11, 2012

A scribble

So, now that all the dispatches are open, was thinking for tomorrow's editor's note (or maybe Tuesday's), I'd do a list of the writers' favourite NSFWCORP pieces from the archive. As in, pieces written by other writers, not their own pieces. I know you'll have to rely on memory here -- but what are your favourite, say, two NSFWCORP pieces that you didn't write?

Back channel chatter

  1. You can actually go back over the entire archive, which I just did. Only now I have more than two suggestions, but if I had to choose just two they'd be:

    Jason's "I was a Teenage Randroid": http://www.nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/atlas-flunked

    Patrick's "Of Mice and Killing Mentally Retarded People": http://www.nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/mice-and-murder

    I also like a lot of the SLC stuff that Mark did, and particularly the one about Uncle Welfare — plus Paul's notes on visiting the NSFWCORP SLC compound, which has a great joke involving seagulls. Other good jokes in Brock's 4th July piece and Ben's dispatch on idiots fleeing to Canada because of Obamacare.

  2. Oh, and not a dispatch at all but a great desknote (on Julian Assange; features jokes, righteous ire, righteous jokes and comparisons of the UK's differing approaches to Assange and General Pinochet): http://www.nsfwcorp.com/desknote/1345072835

    Not open to non-subscribers. Sucks to be cheap.

  3. Ooh it's tough to pick two but mine would be

    Leigh's reasonably fuckable http://nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/reasonably-fuckable-not-mentally-retarded

    Ben's too soon - can't find it, though. (Can we have a search-by-author function at some point? I know you can click on an author name and do it that way but I'd like to be able to go to a list of authors as well as the list of desks.)

    And Jason's Teenage Randroid.

  4. My two sense:

    Josh's piece on getting Mexican dental surgery has haunted my dreams and makes me never want to visit the dentist, or Mexico, again. http://www.nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/inconvenient-tooth-part-four

    War Nerd's ongoing work is stellar, but his first dispatch went above and beyond. He put Obama's foreign policy record into a clear concise context that a dolt like me could get a handle on. http://www.nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/war-nerd-obamas-wars

  5. The Inconvenient Tooth series.

  6. Several of my favorites have already been mentioned, but I would like to mention Leigh's Ebola dispatch: http://www.nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/eyeballs-fill-with-blood

  7. Wait, we publish dispatches? WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME? I just thought I was building a theoretical publishing platform.

    Goddamn you all.

  8. The War Nerd's dispatch on Obama as a war chief (and shitty cheerleader) was fantastic.

  9. And I dearly adored Sarah Bee's olympic coverage. So great.

  10. Also, Jason Heller's SNAP piece: http://www.nsfwcorp.com/dispatch/recipe-for-recovery. Really, who can pick just two?

  11. So much stellar stuff from all y'all, but my faves would have to be Josh's teeth and Sarah's scanner ambience.