Not Safe For Work Corporation is the Future of Journalism (With Jokes). Founded as a weekly, digital-only, news magazine in 2011, NSFWCORP has since expanded into a monthly print edition. We have no mission statement, no political affiliation and no qualms. We are proud to be based in Las Vegas, NV.

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  1. Editor in Chief: Paul Carr
  2. Senior Editor: Mark Ames
  3. Sex & Science Editor: Leigh Cowart
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  5. Staff Writers: James Aylett, Gary Brecher, John Dolan, Jason Heller, Yasha Levine, Olivia Nuzzi
  6. Contributors: Sarah Bee, Max Blumenthal, Dayvid Figler, David Forbes, Ramon Glazov, Eileen Jones, James Kotecki, Jeff Koyen, Patrick Sauer, David Sirota, Jason Walsh, Tom Watson
  7. Illustrators: Hallie Bateman, Emily Block, Matt Bors, Mark Kaufman
  8. Copy Editor: Katherine Dolan • Editorial Assistant: Chris Goscinski
  9. CTO: James Aylett • UX / Product Designer: Kristin Nienhuis • Senior Developer: Tommy Wolber
  1. Publisher At Large: Richard Nash
  2. Print Designer: Geoffrey Ellis

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