Issue no. 2 29 April, 2013

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In Issue Two, Mark Ames reveals the real story behind the death of Anna Loginova, Russia's first female model/bodyguard; John Dolan explains how Canada nearly killed him; Adam Penenberg explains what happened when he exposed the lies of Stephen Glass and Matt Bors follows the adventures of Alex Jones, Vampire Hunter.

Main Features

  1. Canada Was A Cakewalk

    When Canada invited us to immigrate, we thought our life would be a cakewalk. And it was. But only in the Baghdad sense of the word. Canada took everything we had, and nearly killed us.

    A report by John Dolan

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  1. Stephen Glass Wants A Second Chance

    In 1998, while working for Forbes Digital, Adam Penenberg exposed the lies of New Republic wunderkind Stephen Glass. The expose was a watershed moment for online journalism and later became the basis of a movie starring Hayden Christensen. Now for the first time, Penenberg tells the story behind the story.

    A report by Adam Penenberg

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