Issue no. 6 25 August, 2013

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Yasha Levine reveals the sinister, racist, homophobic, women-hating cult that inspired Cory Booker, David Forbes investigates the aftermath of zero tolerance in schools and Ian Murphy recounts his horrifying, violent jail experience after being arrested for videotaping a cop.

Also: Leigh Cowart recounts the weirdness of NSFWCORP's latest 24-hour radio show, various subscribers find their names and suggestions in print and, as ever, Matt Bors brings you the best damned comics section in print.

Main Features

  1. The Neocon, The Messiah, and Cory Booker

    How did Cory Booker end up so close to a right wing cult that promotes deep-rooted racism, violent Islamophobia, medieval positions on abortion, homosexuality, women’s rights and more?

    A report by Yasha Levine

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