Issue no. 1 25 March, 2013

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The very first Print Issue of NSFWCORP! The NSFWCORP team exposes the 100 people most responsible for leading America into the Iraq war, Mark Ames tells the dark and twisted story of how he was spied on by the ADL and Jeff Koyen reminds us all why independent journalism in America is totally fucked.

Main Features

  1. The Not Safe For War 100

    A NSFWCORP Special Feature. The definitive list of those who were most responsible for talking America and 48 other coalition countries into the Iraq war. The Not Safe For War 100.

    A report by NSFWCORP staff

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  2. The Kings of Garbage

    In 1993 the Anti-Defamation League was accused of espionage, illegal surveillance, theft, and the treasonous sale of classified information to a foreign government. I was one of their victims.

    A report by Mark Ames

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