2:25 p.m. August 18, 2013

Who Will Protect the Non-Transgender 99%?

A California state assemblyman is making waves with his protest against a new state law protecting transgender students. The legislation — signed in by Gov Jerry Brown last week — recognizes student’s self-identified gender, giving them the right to use and participate in sex-segregated facilities and sports in public schools.

In response, California assemblyman Tim Donnelly took to bagger conspiracy site WorldNetDaily to warn good, bible-thumbing Californians about the dangers of the law, saying that it will cause humiliation, violate children’s privacy rights and discriminates against normal children:

Allowing teenage boys and girls in the same locker room, showering side by side, is a bad idea. In fact, AB 1266 is a recipe for disaster.

This will take the normal hormonal battles raging inside every teenager and pour gasoline onto those simmering coals. The right to privacy enjoyed by every student will be replaced by the right to be ogled.

No one seems to be able to explain how this new law helps anyone, and opposition is hitting its pinnacle as many parents are just finding out about it. My 13- and 16-year-old boys were horrified at the idea of sharing a bathroom and locker room with a member of the opposite sex, after having discussed AB 1266 with them.

To protect his scandalized children, Mr. Donnelly announced that he will pulling them out of their public school.

Who the hell is this Donnelly? What the hell is he doing in supposedly liberal California?

Nothing shocking about Donnelly’s outrage. The man is perhaps the craziest, most bagger-friendly legislator in the Golden State. I wrote about him while on NSFWCORP assignment in the desert subprime city of Victorville, California, describing how he rode the post-bubble racist desert hick backlash to power on a single campaign slogan: “Send a Minuteman to Sacramento.”

His name is Tim Donnelly, and he represents Victorville and the rest of the High Desert in the California State Assembly. Donnelly not only openly identifies himself as a Minuteman — part of a larger, loosely affiliated network of nativist and anti-immigrant militias, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center — but has proclaimed that his mandate as an elected official is to make sure “Americans are back in power” in the Golden State.

Tim Donnelly ran a small business that manufactured screws for the plastic injection-molding industry before he caught the Tea Party wave to electoral victory back in 2010. He doesn’t have much political experience, but he has a loyal white, ultra-conservative following in the High Desert that has brought him two consecutive victories, with the latest coming this past November.

Both times, Donnelly ran—and won—on an extreme anti-immigrant platform, essentially declaring open season on immigrants and Latinos. In 2010, he openly bragged about his affiliation with Arizona’s Latino-huntin’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And he pulled all this off in a district with a huge and booming Latino population.

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