1:25 a.m. August 24, 2012

Mark Ames Joins NSFWCORP as Senior Editor

My, we live in interesting times. In just the past 24 hours two Big Things have happened at NSFWCORP. Things that you need to know about.

In reverse order: the second Big Thing is that NSFWCORP subscribers are able to share Dispatches with their non-subscribing friends, colleagues, followers, lovers and enemies.

At the bottom of each Dispatch, you'll see the option to unlock a sharable link. This link will be unique to you, and allows anyone to view the Dispatch without hitting the login screen. Links are valid for 48 hours each, and you can unlock a maximum of ten Dispatches per month. Go wild.

The first and most exciting Big Thing is that Mark Ames has joined NSFWCORP as Senior Editor. This is such a big fucking deal that only the following press release can do it justice.

Not Safe For Work Corporation — the future of journalism (with jokes) — is proud to confirm that Mark Ames (“handsome in a prehistoric and only slightly demonic way” – Vanity Fair) has joined the Corporation as Senior Editor. Ames’ primary role will be to direct NSFWCORP’s political reporting, starting with its coverage of the 2012 election. Between now and November, Ames will file a series of dispatches and special reports from an undisclosed secure location, deep inside America’s Mormon heartland. From there he will also marshal NSFWCORP’s 20-strong writing team, instilling in them an appetite for blood as they travel the US (and beyond) to bring subscribers the often-unpleasant truth behind America 2012. Says Ames… “For the first time since the Kremlin shut down my newspaper, The eXile, and sent me fleeing back to the Free World, I finally found a place I can call ‘home’: in the menacing bowels of the Not Safe For Work Corporation. It’s been a lonely four years, wandering the desert of American print media, a world dominated by cronyism and timidity, a timidity that never made sense to me given the bravery of Russian journalists and the real-life monsters they have to fear compared to their American counterparts. Russians also allowed satire into their culture, and understood how powerful and dangerous that satire can be — unlike this country’s print culture, which has no place for the sort of aggressive satire and journalism that I do best, or the sort of satirical journalism that I want to read from others. America’s print culture is a giant dust bowl. So when Paul Carr called me up a few months ago and told me about his plans for NSFWCORP — and that our mission would be to fuck with the degenerates in power, rather than suck up to them as every other media does — that was when I understood that all my curses had been answered. Yes, Virginia, there is a God, and He speaks with a funny British accent. Which makes sense because Britain, like Russia, gets satire and takes it seriously. NSFWCORP understands that satire is the most potent weapon — besides weapon-weapons, of course — to shake up an Establishment as degenerate and gangrenous as today’s America. The humor insurgency begins. War is declared, everything goes. Last one laughing wins.” Explains Carr: “I first tracked down Ames through Richard Nash, his former publisher at Soft Skull Press. Nash did everything he could to put me off making the call, warning me that Ames was criminally — perhaps certifiably — insane. The amphetamine abuse, the hookers, the random acts of violence involving horse semen. Christ — had I even *read* The eXile? But Nash’s subtext was clear: You must recruit this man immediately. Give him an expense account, and the power to hire and fire whomever he pleases. Seven days later, the deal was done. Also, Nash wasn’t kidding about the horse semen.”