5:08 p.m. July 28, 2013

Source: Weiner's Campaign Manager Quit Afer Being Lied To (And He's Not The Only Departure)

Anthony Weiner's campaign manager, Danny Kedem, resigned because Weiner lied to him about the timing of his sexting scandal, a source familiar with Kedem's thinking tells me.

Although Weiner had warned that more lewd messages or photos might come out at some point during his mayoral campaign, the clear implication was that his reckless behavior had stopped with his resignation from Congress in 2011. The source suggested that Kedem would have stayed on if Weiner had been honest with him on the actual timeline of events. The source also inferred from developments that Weiner had lied to other key staffers.

The New York Times reported Kedem's departure Saturday evening (although my source confirms that the resignation happened on Saturday morning). What the Times didn't report is that Kedem is just the latest in a series of staffers who have fled the campaign.

One ex-staffer, who resigned last month and spoke on condition of anonymity, told me: "I was taken on as a junior staffer with Anthony's campaign after a haphazardly conducted interview in a broom closet." The ex-staffer also said he "wasn't compensated adequately," having been promised $1,000 a week, but only having received "$600 for two week's work."

"For someone with a multimillion dollar war chest and the weight of his mistakes on his shoulders, you'd think Anthony would be willing to dish out anything needed to attract proper talent... Aside from being incredibly careless with regard to his personal choices, I'd say being stingy with his staff is his biggest mistake. While bright, innovative, impassioned and incredibly in touch with the city in which he was raised, Mr. Weiner, who champions welfare distribution amongst the classes needs to learn how to properly compensate his staff if he thinks he has any chance, even now."

A third source formerly connected with the campaign said that the candidate had gone through three or four "body-men."

Workers have allegedly been brought on as interns with the promise of jobs within a few weeks time, but at least one has left when the promise went unfulfilled. It is understood within the campaign that all hiring decisions are ultimately made by Weiner.

The six departures constitute significant turnover at a campaign that has averaged about a dozen full time staffers at any point.

Disclosure: Olivia Nuzzi, was an intern for four weeks on Anthony Weiner's current mayoral campaign.

(Update: Anthony Weiner's communications director responds -- calls Olivia a "cunt". Really.)

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