3:56 p.m. July 25, 2013

Ranger Danger Pt. II: "Time For You To Become That Guy"

"It's perfect that you're worried because I soothe women's worries." - Chris Curtis
“My hope for the Rangers is that they make people feel incredibly comfortable when they come Downtown." - Chris Curtis
Yesterday I wrote about retired LV Metro cop Chris Curtis, the pickup artist and “MACK Tactics” author who has – really – been hired to keep women safe in Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. (Disclosure: Hsieh’s Vegas Tech Fund is an investor in NSFWCORP)

Today – huzzah! – my copy of Curtis’ book arrived, and I can’t wait to start reading. In the meantime, I thought I should check our Curtis’ website


Oh. Boy

"Whether you’re into younger women, hot Asian women, strippers, girls at your college, or any type of woman, Mack Tactics has got you covered."
(Following that “hot Asian women” link, by the way, takes you to a porn site complete with a huge banner ad for MACK Tactics: "Free Seduction Training Course Shows You How To Read Her Mind & Get In Her Panties")

Again: the author of this book is currently in charge of making sure women are safe in Downtown Vegas. Zappos downtown team director, Jeanne Markel described him as “a fantastic person.”

A Downtown Vegas spokesperson, when reached for comment today, passed on Curtis’ insistence that “Chris has no involvement in the website whatsoever”. Yes, he’s the author of the book – but not the website that’s listed on his book. Not him. Nothing to do with him.

It happens. Presumably in the intervening years between publication of his book in 2004, someone took over Curtis’ domain name and started selling even sleezier sex advice, illustrated with photos of “hot Asian women, strippers.. or any other type of women.” Certainly the name of the sex guru on the site is not Chris Curtis but “Dean Cortez.” Totally different guy.

So let’s be fair to Curtis. Let’s take a trip in the Wayback Machine to the original version of the site, when Curtis absolutely, definitely did run it. From the “about” page from 2004…

My background is in the military and law enforcement. That may not sound like a typical Mack background, but it’s actually the most hardcore training a Mack could ever have. I used to serve as the Primary Negotiator in hostage situations. That’s no joke. In the process I learned a lot about psychology and human nature that I found I could apply to women. Believe me, once you’ve learned how to talk a guy out of wacking himself after gambling away his kids’ tuition and life savings, scooping a honey at the local bar is like taking candy from a baby.

Well, it’s time for you to become that guy.

Well, call this the Circle of Mack. Just send us an email. And if you’re coming to Vegas, let me know and maybe I can show you some of my favorite “target rich environments.”

Fellas, I'm real. Mack Tactics is real. Join the Mack Militia and become part of our team. Let's make it happen.
Despite Curtis’ insistence that “I’m real”, he apparently had concerns about attaching his real name to the site. Next to the photos of Curtis surrounded by female “targets”, Curtis has signed his name “Chris Dean.”

So, to be absolutely clear, the 2005 site – in which Curtis boasts about being “on the prowl” and using a girl in order to have sex with her friend in the back of his car – is in no way related to the even pornier, even sleezier, even THIS GUY IS IN CHARGE OF ESCORTING WOMEN SAFELY HOME FOR THE DOWNTOWN PROJECT-ier site from 2013.

Likewise, Chris Curtis is Chris Dean. But Chris Dean has nothing do with Dean Cortez and has “no involvement whatsoever” in the site which is promoted on the back of his book.

I’ve asked DTP if Curtis wants to revise his statement. I’ll update if I hear back.

“Every interaction with a female is an opportunity” – Chris Curtis