12:27 p.m. July 29, 2013

Papal Bull, Again

Who am I to judge gay people, asked the Pontiff.

"Aren't you the pope?" came the reply from millions of people across the world.

Specifically he was referring to gay priests, more on whom, later.

For some reason many people are mistaking this, like Frankie's love of poverty, as some kind of Pontifical reversal. It's not, for two related reasons.

Firstly, he's only speaking as himself, not ex cathedra ("from the chair"). As such he can say pretty much what he likes, for instance that the moon is made of Protestants, that Mormons don't think black people have the mark of Cain or that the woman in the shop gave me the wrong kind of macaroon yesterday. (Only one of these statements is true). In the entire history of Christianity, the Pope has only spoken ex cathedra seven times—and six of those were retrospective.

Secondly, as a result, it has no impact on Catholic teaching. Francis can love gays as much and as often as he likes, but it's irrelevant. For now doctrine remains "love the sinner, hate the sin".

As for these pesky gay priests, as previously reported in The Vatican Gazette NSFWCORP, the Vatican has been infiltrated by a "lobby" of gay priests. What they lobby for is anyone's guess, because it ain't a softer line on homosexuality.