4:41 p.m. August 7, 2013

“[Lovelace Is] A Character And We Own The Character. When That Movie Comes Out, They’ll Find Out.”

When NSFWCORP's Dayvid Figler profiled Ray Pistol and his wife, Treasure, in NSFWCORP Issue Three, few people recognized their names. Fewer still knew they owned the rights to Deep Throat.

Today Ray and Treasure are on every news site in America having filed suit against Harvey Weinstein's movie "Lovelace". We'll have a lot more on the story tomorrow, but in the meantime, what better time to revisit this exchange...

'Which brings me to my next question, the one that brings us slamming right up to date, “What do you think of that Linda Lovelace film coming out this year? Did they do that with you or without you?”

Treasure says, “We worked well with the documentary makers who made 'Inside Deep Throat,' they were a pleasure and that was a great movie, but these people, they told us to...what was it? Kick rocks?”

“Pound sand,” says Pistol.

“They don’t understand that Linda Lovelace isn’t a person,” explains Treasure. “It’s a character and we own the character. When that movie comes out, they’ll find out.”'

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