8:23 a.m. October 30, 2013

"I'm ObamaCare": John Hodgman Responds

On Tuesday night, during "The Daily Show," the Republican National Committee debuted its latest commercial. Initially broadcasting in the Washington DC market, the ad is a play on Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign. It's called "I'm ObamaCare"

In that famous ad series, actor Justin Long - "Hello, I'm a Mac" - and author and Daily Show contributor John Hodgman - "And I'm a PC" - stand against a white backdrop and carry out a conversation which ultimately proves that PC's are inferior to Apple computers in just about every way.

The Republican ad features neither Long or Hodgman. "Hello, I'm the private sector," says a young, casually dressed bro. "And I'm ObamaCare!" shouts a man collapsed on the floor. "I'm just down for a little maintenance," he explains. The actor appears bloated and disheveled, just like the Affordable Care Act's website! The RNC has produced four separate commercials in this vein.

I asked John Hodgman for his review of the ad.

"I'm sure everyone who gets internet from a corporate telecom will appreciate its message that the private sector NEVER goes down," he replied. "Also, I am in wardrobe and have my own white background if anyone needs me in the future."

I called the RNC press office to ask why they didn't invite Hodgman to participate. "We have a lot of in-house talent," explained press secretary Kristen Kukowski.