8:10 p.m. August 14, 2013

Foxx Hunting

A while back, I detailed my run-in with Rep. Virginia Foxx, back in her state legislature haunting days, and the unusually personal prickliness she seemed to have against anyone she perceived as showing her insufficient deference or, in my case, not saying "ma'am" enough.

Foxx, unusually for a politician, especially a Southern politician, has thrown baby kissing out with the bathwater. Her history is full of abrasive, scolding remarks, especially to anyone she perceives as beneath her on the grand societal totem pole.

Foxx has remained in her usual form, recently saying that "It is not the role of the Congress to make college affordable and accessible" as she argued for removing oversight from for-profit colleges.

There's also serious talk of her taking a shot at Kay Hagan's Senate seat next year.

But if there's any fear her comments and style might make her a fringe figure incapable of rallying enough support to take a tilt, she'll no doubt be relieved to know that not only does she lead her potential NC GOP rivals in the polls, the party's moderates consistently back her too, though there's still a lot of undecided voters.

PPP leans Democratic, but their results usually aren't terribly far off, and they're some of the only people paying attention to the nascent primary race at this stage.

I think Foxx is canny, but the previous question was if she was on track to replace Michele Bachmann as the darling of the red-meat craving Tea Party types. I still think that's a possibility, especially as a tactic to increase her name recognition. But apparently her variety of high-handed contempt might be exactly what the GOP mainstream here craves as well.