7:31 a.m. November 6, 2012

Cory Booker for President? That's the last thing America needs

It isn't often that someone replies directly with a response you're looking to hear. For instance, I'm in Las Vegas writing this dispatch simply because I replied to a tweet by Paul Carr bemoaning his difficulty in finding good interns for NSFWCORP's 24 hour election coverage. Within a few hours, I had a flight confirmation, a hotel booking — and they're paying me to be here. Shocking, right? I asked, I received a personal reply and here I am.

Conversely, we rarely see our public officials respond directly to their constituents' concerns and even more rare are their words put into actions. Few politicians take the time to care and really get to know their citizens. How many politicians who represent your vote have you met? How many who have met you, remember you? There few politicians who have the care to, well, care. Oddly enough, however, there is one such politician in my home state of New Jersey.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Newark mayor Cory Booker offered his home and services to others in Newark who were without power and supplies. This is just the latest in a long string of “Good Deeds by Cory.”

Political pundits have claimed Booker's personal touch to governing will win him the Presidency of the United States at some point in future. They've applauded his grassroots approach to social problems. They love his badass responses after he’s done something completely awesome, like saving a woman from a burning building: “I punched through the kitchen and the flames and that’s when I saw Detective Rodriguez. … We got her down the stairs and we both just collapsed outside.” Talking heads love Cory Booker. He’s honest, social (his Twitter account is quite active with personal replies), and embodies the complete opposite of what many think Newark is about.

And yet, despite all the real (and possibly permanent) good that Cory Booker has done, I call bullshit on the idea of President Booker. Why? It’s simple: Cory Booker is too damn nice.

Sure, Booker is Newark's rock star: he's personal on twitter, he gives out his phone number to random strangers, he even lets displaced folks stay in his home should disaster strike. This is good and what Newark needs, but is it what America needs?

I'll rephrase: is a President who provides his own home to the homeless really what America wants in a Chief Executive?

By providing shelter to the homeless, Booker is merely keeping them dependent. Sure, he can shovel driveways and rake leaves and be an example for today's youth, but really he's just proving that it pays to be old, lazy, and on social media.

Worse, as President, Booker would transform the White House into public housing and put public works employees out of business. He would eliminate the need for fire departments. Everyone would have his phone number. Air Force One would likely put Southwest out of business. It'd be like having Clark Kent in the White House — cool, sure, but really terrible for employment numbers.