4:43 p.m. July 31, 2013

Buzzbagger Ben Still Has a Koch (and Slutbag) Problem

Buzzbagger Ben's been busy lately… You may recall that a few months back, I wrote about Smith's long, shady history of running cover for the Koch brothers, and how he seemed to be using that experience to turn Buzzfeed into a rightwing PR platform for the Kochs' thinktank-propaganda apparatus.

There was some speculation that maybe Smith's Koch partnership was a one-off gig. Well, Buzzfeed just came out with another Koch promotion that puts those questions to rest, once and for all.

Yesterday, on the same day that Smith took to Twitter to back up abusive Weiner flack Barbara Morgan's attack on NFSWCORP's Olivia Nuzzi— writing: "Morgan had a point…" — he published a "Buzzfeed community" post sponsored by the Heritage Foundation that supposedly debunked Obamacare "myths" in the only way that millennials can understand: animated gifs.

Here's an excerpt:

That One Time I Was Really, Really Excited About Obamacare Until I realized everything I thought about Obamacare was totally wrong.

When Obama promised everyone making under $250,000 a year that he wouldn’t raise our taxes, I was like: [GIF OF BEN STILLER PARTYING WITH METROSEXUAL/GAY FRIENDS IN ZOOLANDER ]

But then he introduced Obamacare and it had 18 tax hikes … [GIF OF SOME CHICK SLAPPING FOREHEAD, SAYING "OMG"]

When Obama said Obamacare would bring down crazy health care costs, I was like: [GIF OF EMMA STONE SAYING "THIS IS THE BEST"]

But then I found out Obamacare actually costs BILLIONS of dollars [GIF OF KRISTEN WIIG SAYING "HELP ME I'M POOR" ]

This whole time I thought Republicans were just being grouchy about Obamacare … [GONNA HATE HATERS GIF]

No but really, I was like: [GIF OF HARRY POTTER ROLLING EYES ]


Heritage Foundation isn't Pillsbury. The outfit—which was founded with help from Coors and Mellon family heirs and now operates on something like $100 million of corporate contributions a year—has, over the decades, supported Nicaraguan death squads, pushed for limiting your ability to sue companies for liability, lobbied against financial and environmental regulations, promoted mass-privatization…and, yes, hires immigration experts who believe in eugenics and social darwinism. But none of that much bothers Ben Smith, or his boss, Buzzfeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti.

Like I said earlier: From running cover for the Kochs to curating animated gifs for baggers — you've come a long way, Buzzbagger Ben.