5:58 p.m. July 24, 2013

Anthony Weiner Called Me "Monica"

I had been interning on Anthony Weiner's current mayoral campaign for three weeks when he decided to introduce himself. "Come on, everybody! All interns! Anthony wants to say hello." We crowded into Weiner's private office in his new 5th Avenue campaign headquarters, where he stayed reclined in a cheap, black leather chair.

"I always say that on every campaign, there are one or two volunteers who really make a difference," he began. (There were roughly twenty of us in the room.) "So I just want to let you know that no task is too small, and the work you're doing is important and it is appreciated." He continued to speak for a few minutes, reiterating this point over and over.

"Okay!" Weiner said loudly, though not enthusiastically. "I'm going to go around the room now and ask you your name and a fact about yourself, and then I'm going to go back around and repeat your name to you." A member of the campaign staff looked on, nervously. "I'm great at this," Weiner said.

I stood second in line, next to "Stephanie, I speak three languages. I love romance languages."

Weiner nodded at me to introduce myself, "Hi, I'm Olivia"

"You were at the Gay Pride event with us in Brooklyn, right?"

"Yeah -"

"Thanks for helping out, really appreciate it. Next?"

"Okay!" Weiner had heard from us all. "Now I'm going to repeat your names back to you. I'm really good at this," he confirmed.

He paused and squinted his eyes at Stephanie.



We all laughed nervously. Monica is an interesting intern name to pick out of the air. (Weiner's wife, we should remember, works for Hillary Clinton.)

"Oh, that's right. Okay, next." He paused again and squinted his eyes at me.


More nervous laughter. "Olivia."

After getting the following three interns' names wrong, he gave up and released us back into the main office.

A little while later, I walked down the hallway and bumped into Weiner.


"Still Olivia!"

(Update: Anthony Weiner's communications director responds -- calls Olivia a "cunt". Really.)

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