War Nerd

  1. Congo: All the Creeps Are Cheering

    Things are happening fast in Eastern Congo. Strange things.

  2. The Stranger Stranger

    Just that lone, wistful figure wandering among the cabanas, musing on life and the universe and Kaboom!

  3. The C.A.R.: The Tide Comes In from the North

    The Central African Republic never makes the news unless people are being killed there in large numbers.

  4. Embattled “Marine Entrepreneurs” Pray for Longer Shutdown

    Libertarianism in action as plucky Somali pirates defy big government.

  5. Elizabeth O'Bagy: Human Resource

    Her worst mistake was her humility.

  6. Jihad Vs The Shopping Mall

    The American Mall is invading Islam, the American Mall is taking over.

  7. The Saudi Dirty Dozen and Jihadi as Risk Disposal

    “Let’s fly a bunch of death-row inmates over there and give them automatic weapons!”

  8. Little Kerry and the Three Bad Options

    I can read communiques from the most disgusting irregular groups in the world but I can’t watch Kerry give speeches or Obama stumble through another peanut-cluster of patriotic clichés.

  9. Kerry’s Chem Speech: Old-School Empire

    It’s tempting to say that world outrage at this chemical attack in Syria is something new.

  10. The War Nerd: George Vs. Al Qaeda

    The Jihadis hadn't counted on Kate Middleton’s sluggish gestation clock.

  11. The War Nerd: ATOP Recruiting and The Greatest Admiral in World History

    The weird overlap between war nerding and the scraggy world of ESL teaching.

  12. El War Nerd en Mexico

    Storming Chapultepec and Getting Dissed by the Ticket Lady

  13. The War Nerd: Who Killed Gilgit?

    You don’t get too many whodunits in the terrorism business.

  14. The War Nerd: Land of the Flies

    I’ve never been to Paraguay and probably never will. But that doesn’t get in the way of loving a place.

  15. The War Nerd: Turkey's Good, Healthy Riots

    I’ve been learning a lot about the journalism business from reading the coverage of the Turkish protests.

  16. The War Nerd: The Diary of Adam Gurowski

    A slap in the face for America and a reminder that Europe was once truly great.

  17. I Heart Syria

    Abu Sakkar's bloody Valentine is a hell of a recruiting tool.

  18. War Nerd: Our Ringers vs. Your Ringers

    The war in Syria has been picked over from every angle except the most obvious one: who’s doing what, and how

  19. The War Nerd: Dead Center

    The Central African Republic is where old ideologies and costumes come to die.

  20. Boston Bomb Speculation: Why Wait?

    Sometimes a War Nerd’s job is to make a dumb, premature guess. This is one of those times.

  21. The War Nerd: North Korea, Wish Mao Were Here

    The Cold War came back this week like an old colonial’s malaria.

  22. War Nerd: The Cheery, Ordinary World of Fascism

    A Special Guest Column by "Annibale."

  23. The War Nerd: Syria’s Bloodiest Home Videos

    Last week, I saw two prisoners shot dead against a painting of SpongeBob SquarePants.

  24. The War Nerd: Nigeria's Inevitable Mess

    What’s going on in Nigeria is part of one of the biggest stories in the world: the fight for the Sahel.

  25. The War Nerd: It Ain’t Easy Being a Jihadi Middle Manager

  26. The Old Cuntry: There’s Method To America's Mealymouthed Madness

  27. The War Nerd: Grim News from Quetta, Silence From The American Left

  28. George Ruggiu, Genocidal Prince of Dorkness

  29. Glenn Greenwald Vs. The War Nerd

  30. The War Nerd: There's Something About Mali

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