1. The Commando In The Mirror

    It's time for Americans to reject our alluring gun fantasy.

  2. Distributing Paranoia

    Like so much from tech subculture, we're told printed guns Change Everything. They don't.

  3. "Too Many Angels"

    Brian locked the door of his Denver apartment, sat in a chair, and shot himself through the head. A few days later, at his funeral, I was shaking his hand.

  4. The Gun Stays In The Picture

    No one is calling for gun-free movies, and for good reason.

  5. Wrongful Termination: Chris Dorner’s Terrifyingly Banal Killing Spree

  6. Somewhere Over The Bloodbath: Ingrid Michaelson's Grotesque Sandy Hook Singalong

  7. The Hard Facts On Gun Control: A Gun Enthusiast (And Former Marine) Writes

  8. Three Heads, We Lose: Gun Control Without Equality Means More Massacres, Not Fewer

  9. From "Operation Wetback" To Newtown: Tracing The Hick Fascism Of The NRA

  10. Going Postal At The Empire State Building

  11. School House Glock

  12. Scapegoat Slip

  13. Crazy Like A Crazy Murderer

  14. The Dark Knight Sympathizes

  15. Blame The Atheists

  16. A Failure Of Paranoia

  17. Lights, Camera, Reaction

  18. Really, Folks, Denver Is A Fantastic Place To Live