Scribbles from NSFWCORP Staff

  1. Dream-Man

  2. Silver Lying: More On NC's Voter ID Laws

  3. "They'll Be Laughing in Moscow and Beijing." A Former British Defence Minister Writes...

  4. Welcome to NSFWCORP, David Sirota

  5. Who Will Protect the Non-Transgender 99%?

  6. Bradley Manning: Pro-NSA Hero?

  7. Playing the Orson Scott Card

  8. More Western Meddling: The Last Thing Egypt Needs

  9. Tweets in Meatspace

  10. Foxx Hunting

  11. The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Read. Saudi Arabia As The Next Silicon Valley

  12. Like The Plague

  13. Pallone Ranger: Looking For Answers From New Jersey's Most Average Senate Hopeful

  14. Lights, Camera, Actionable: A Brief History of Weinstein Lawsuits

  15. Yup, Abu Bakr's Moved to Syria Like I Said He Would

  16. Fight Over Voting Clampdown Spreads To NC's Local Election Boards

  17. Cory Booker: Stanford Libertarian?

  18. We Review Movies: Julian Assange Pitches Me An Idea

  19. Who Are Republicans Voting For In 2016?

  20. COPS: Tax Dollars For Armed Hall Monitors

  21. Edward Snowden As The Millennial Jimmy Stewart

  22. I Know What You Did Last, Summers: The Shady Deals That Will Hand Larry The Fed

  23. Gilgit Update: The Triggermen Panicked

  24. The PRISMer's Dilemma

  25. The Princess And The PR

  26. Syria: How to Open A Kurdish Front

  27. Talking About Snowden In Russia On Radio New Zealand

  28. War Nerd Wednesday: Not Much To Jihad About

  29. Benjamin Pranklin

  30. “[Lovelace Is] A Character And We Own The Character. When That Movie Comes Out, They’ll Find Out.”

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