National Insecurity

  1. "TSA and Pigs"

    How -- and why -- the left and right united to turn TSA agents into public enemy number one.

  2. "We're all on the same team."

    NSFWCORP watches Stop Watching Us.

  3. CIA's Former Man In Central America: Assad Didn't Do It

    And US intelligence agencies are "white man's welfare."

  4. Apple Gives Security The Finger

    My fingerprint is my passport, identity theft me.

  5. Colin Powell's Former Chief of Staff: "This Is How Empires Collapse"

    Col. Lawrence Wilkerson warns NSFWCORP: "We've created a national security state, and now it's giving us its main product, which is war."

  6. Small People, Impressed By The Hush-Hush

    On the intelligence about Syria, our representatives can't possibly comment.

  7. Ron Conway Is Not Going To Bullshit You About The NSA

    It's not like he hosted a CIA event at his home or anything.

  8. Saying Boo To A Ghost: It's No Secret Why Congress Fears Crossing The NSA

  9. Edward Snowden's Half-Baked Revolution

    Bombshell Story... Shame About The Leaker, Reporter, Everything Else

  10. NSA Whistleblowers For Dummies, Part One

    The Real Story Starts with Warren Hinckle and Ramparts

  11. NSA Whistleblowers For Dummies, Part Two

    "Ramparts" problems with the CIA started in spring 1966, when a whistleblower named Stanley Sheinbaum gave Hinckle and Scheer a bombshell story on how the CIA had been paying Michigan State University to act as the Agency’s front in South Vietnam.

  12. The PATRIOT Act Isn't Just For Terrorists.

    Turns out it can be used to bring down stripper pimps and corrupt politicians. No one was more surprised than me, or my clients.

  13. The Ear of the Storm

    Heard the one about the NSA contractor who blew the whistle on US spying operations? Of course you have.

  14. Spies Like Us

    Silicon Valley builds amazing spy tools, is horrified when they're used for spying.