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This Month : no. 8 : Pando Quarterly Winter 2014

PandoQuarterly is the brand new print magazine from Pando, and the people who brought you NSFWCORP. A new subscription site is coming soon but current NSFWCORP digital subscribers can download the issue below.

Previously in Print

  1. 30 September, 2013, Issue no. 7: The Almost Didn't Happen Issue
  2. 25 August, 2013, Issue no. 6: The Sellout Issue
  3. 25 July, 2013, Issue no. 5: The Every Sperm Is Sacred Issue
  4. 19 June, 2013, Issue no. 4: The Statistically Unlikely Fourth Issue
  5. 31 May, 2013, Issue no. 3: The Almost Sexy Third Issue
  6. 29 April, 2013, Issue no. 2: The Difficult Second Issue
  7. 25 March, 2013, Issue no. 1: The Collectable First Issue


  1. PandoQuarterly Issue One

    The future of journalism (with Pando)

  2. NSFWCORP Sells Out

    A few minutes ago, the Guardian broke some news that, by legal necessity, I've been sitting on for the past few weeks. NSFWCORP has agreed to be acquired by Pando Media.

  3. Congo: All the Creeps Are Cheering

    Things are happening fast in Eastern Congo. Strange things.

  4. The Extraordinary Pierre Omidyar

    Meet the NewCo, Same as the OldCo

  5. The Defense Industry's Grand Bargain

    Or, how we agreed to cut Pentagon spending and export the bombs.

  6. I'm With The Banned

    Denied press credentials, Olivia Nuzzi emails live updates from Governor Chris Christie's election night celebration.

  7. "TSA and Pigs"

    How -- and why -- the left and right united to turn TSA agents into public enemy number one.

  8. "It Is Everyone's Job To Be A Truth-Teller"

    Nixon's White House Counsel on what the former President (and others) knew about Watergate, and when.

  9. The Stranger Stranger

    Just that lone, wistful figure wandering among the cabanas, musing on life and the universe and Kaboom!

  10. Bats: A Love Story

    For the second of my Halloween week explainers, a chat about bats.

  11. Balls Full Of Gold, And Other Stories

    A Halloween explainer.

  12. "We're all on the same team."

    NSFWCORP watches Stop Watching Us.

  13. "I'm ObamaCare": John Hodgman Responds

    "I'm in wardrobe and have my own white background if anyone needs me in the future."

  14. Heads Wall Street Wins, Tails Retirees Lose

    If lobbyists limit outcomes to those that serve their interests, they've already won.

  15. Gladwell Asks Us To Pity the Rich

    There's something disturbingly fatigued and pitiful about "David and Goliath."

  16. Found: Libertarians' "Lying To Liberals" Guide Book

    Ahead of the protests, here's how right-wing libertarians convinced gullible lefties that we're all on the same team.

  17. Huge Number, Tiny Punishment

    The government's "record penalty" is little more than a speeding ticket for JP Morgan Chase.

  18. The C.A.R.: The Tide Comes In from the North

    The Central African Republic never makes the news unless people are being killed there in large numbers.

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